Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mushroom Show!

The Puget Sound Mycological Society, PSMS, had their big mushroom show this weekend. It is a community awareness show/fundraiser for the club. I could not get the picture to be horizontal :(

The club members collect all the mushrooms and fungi they can find in the area, sort them by genus, and display them with name tags for the community to see.

Cortinarius violaceus.

Something cool.

There were mushroom books, posters, cooking classes, and on site identification of your own backyard mushrooms.

This really did smell like cherries!

The famous Amanita muscaria

The delicious Boletus edulus

Adam's favorite: Hericium, lion's mane, or bear's head.
It's edible, too!

My favorite: the Coral Fungi, Ramaria and Clavaria, etc.

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