Monday, August 25, 2008


I went with Adam to visit his family in Ithaca, New York. It was nearly a family reunion with Adam's sister Andra and two kids George and Oliver in town from Seattle as well as Adam's brother and sister-in-law Shay and Tirzah and their daughter Adelaide in town from Beijing, China.

Here is everyone on a boat tour of the Thousand Islands area.

It was great to meet Adam's family better and I really liked Ithaca. We ate delicious, fresh food, went to outdoor concerts and dancing, played with kids, and went kayaking....

...boating, and swimming in Cayuga Lake!

(did you know there is a Cayuga duck that lays black eggs?!).

We also went overnight to Thousand Islands, which was beautiful and I swam in the St. Laurence River.
Here are pictures of some of the other things we did:

We went to the Ithaca farmers market and ate veg food!

We saw the colorful block prints by Silk Oak. I got a vegetable bag and flower shirt.

We saw Addie's "pirate eye"

On the way to 1000 Islands we went to a farm.
The goats were holdin' down the fort.

future goat-herder:

The Barlow Family:

One of the Thousand Islands?

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