Wednesday, May 28, 2008

road trip!

Provo was greening up (and so beautiful),

but we felt like going to California. Allan needed help moving some art work from Claremont (where he went to Graduate school) to Provo. J.P.Haynie and I came along!

We stopped at the weird mad Greek in Baker.

Here is the "Verbal Building" in the downtown village of Claremont.

we wandered around the graduate studios at the school and found some beautiful art. Here are a few of my favorites. Unfortunately, I don't know who made them, sorry artists.

This one is my favorite!

I do know who made these: Chelsea, our friend, who is very nice.


green take over. there is a hidden tomato plant.

bringing out the baggage in everyone's attic.

so pretty:

we walked around the 8 "Claremont Colleges" campus and saw a fun vegetable garden as well as other great plants.

We went all over L.A. and saw Korea town, China town, Amoeba Records, and even saw the new Indiana Jones (magnetic) crystal (alien) skull.

On Sunday we drove south down the coast to stay at my parents' house. It was part surprise.

We went to the beach!

And found that Candice shrank one inch this last year.

My brother grew a sunflower tree.

we hung out at the harbor with some old friends. A stranger took this picture.

Jordan, Ian, and Allan.

Allan's mom went to the same high school as my dad! we looked through the year books and found both of them. Here is my dad, Brent, at 16.

Thanks, family, for having us and for all the good food :)
I miss you!

On the way home we visited friends in Cedar City. We ate pizza with Jefferson, Abigail, Ellen, and Jared.

(kind of a lot of pictures, but that is how road trips go)

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