Friday, April 11, 2008

Spring City, Utah

Hello, I have been up to much school lately. But also plant field trips, critical mass bike rides, watching Martin grow, and a trip to Spring City, Utah.

My friend, Zina, needed help cleaning up snow-damaged yurts at her ranch for teens.
It was really fun and everyone who came got to swim in a jacuzzi, sleep in a yurt, eat delicious food, and listen to conference outside.

The yurts were ordered straight from the source: Mongolia. If you get a chance to see "Cave of the yellow dog" or "story of the weeping camel," I highly recommend them. Mongolia and Mongolians are beautiful. They have the cutest, smartest kids, too!
The yurts were made in the most amazing way: wood lattice pieced together using leather (sinew?), lining of rainbow-coloured silk, insulation layer of yak felt, outer layer of canvas, everything tied down using horse hair rope and yak hair rope, everything held up with wooden supports and spokes that were lacquered orange and hand painted with intricate designs.

Here is one of the snow-crushed, teen pirate-claimed yurts:

Here is Zina wrapping up some horse hair rope.

I would love this as the door (and door step) of my home!

On our way out of town, Adam and I stopped to drink at the spring that made Spring City famous and also at Zina's dad's ceramic shop. I bought a cup and a bowl!

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Little Lisa said...

What a fun trip! Yay for yurts!

I watched a little short film on Zina's dad once. But then I talked to a guy who knows Zina's dad, and apparently little of it was true.