Monday, March 17, 2008

Mushroom party

Hello, it is my birthday on March 18th.
I will be 23 years old.
I like to have mushroom parties for my birthday and this year was no exception.

I made hazelnut and pistachio mushroom log cakes filled with coffee and cardamom cream :)
Annalisa made a really great mushroom decorated cake (thank you!)
As you can see, we all ate a lot of delicious food:

My home teacher came!

Zina and Mariana (in mirror) came:

Briana and Cassie came:

My *boyfriend* Adam came:

the cakes all came:

And handsome Ruel came :

Other friends came, too. And we all watched beautiful mushroom slideshows.
I really love mushrooms.

1 comment:

ZLB said...

yeah tess! yeah fungi! yeah parties! it was such a nice one. and your cakes were incredible, i'd love the recipe for the pistachio cardemum one. mmm mmm.