Wednesday, February 20, 2008


this is what we have so far:

this is what i want everything to look like:

I'm also thinking about:
hand felting wool onto silk for a shirt.
finishing my pieced antique doily skirt idea.
making a skirt covered in pintucks.
using the necklines from t-shirts to make a nest-pocket.
Annalisa had the good idea to use seams from old jeans. I think it would be cool as a sculpted "bustier." Every show needs a bustier, right? wrong! but I don't know what else i want to be sculpted...


stop looking at all those stars said...

is that the tree that got cut down?

homegrown said...

it's the one next to it. I moved my bed so i see this one now instead of a blank spot. (I actually took this picture laying down right afer i woke up)