Sunday, December 2, 2007

making and doing a blog

Hello, this is my first blog. On October 29th I realized I wanted a blog. This morning in the bath I decided this: now that November 29th is over but it is not yet December 29th, it is time to make a blog.
And here we are. A blog about making and doing, my two favorite things. I figured it was a broad enough topic I would have something good to post about every day if not multiple times a day.
I like to do things and I love to make things. I also like to grow things.
things i like to do:
forage for food in my town
read about plants
things i like to make:
handbound books
knit mittens
sewn headbands
sewn bags
things i like to grow:


Gritty Pretty said...

ohhhh...i'm so happy you have a blog. excited to read more!

stop looking at all those stars said...

i hope you put up pictures of the mushrooms you grow!

amy said...

hooray, my little bloggie blogger! now i can stalk you and you can stalk me and we may never have to speak to one another again!