Friday, January 21, 2011

Sewn Slippers

Instead of other important things to do today... I made some slippers!
I've seen similar slipper projects on blogs/websites over the last year, but finally got around to making some for myself. I traced my foot and drafted an "upper" pattern as you see:
(Feel free to enlarge and use to draft your own custom pair - I'm a wide womens 8.5 and the paper is normal 8.5" X 11" )
Cut out 2 uppers and 2 soles in both the outer fabric and the lining fabric.
For fabric, I reused some old shredded corduroy pants that needed to be thrown away weeks ago but I continued to wear until yesterday and an old cotton sheet (my twin sheet from before we were married!)
To cushion the sole, cut some thin cotton batting (or a few layers of flannel or fleece, etc.) slightly smaller than the sole, as shown below:
Sew outer and lining fabric along foot opening, then turn right side out:
Then sew back seam closed and make a channel for elastic:
Pin upper to sole (inside out). Allow upper to gather a bit at the toe and heel for a better fit. Sew, try on and adjust sizing, etc.
I cut some bias tape from extra lining fabric and bound the seam to keep from fraying and make the slipper more durable.
Turn right side out and embellish with bow, buttons, etc. (I still need to do this....)
Here's a view from the bottom. It will be fun to have many different pairs in various colors and print combinations. I definitely want to make a pair with soft leather for the sole.
I know this is going a little over board, BUT, it could be cool to have a basket of these in various sizes and colors by the front door (of some future house) for kids and guests to put on when they come over :)


cydney sharp said...

I love that idea! I may just have to steal it! Great slippers!

bc said...

Nicely done and love your colour choices.
They are even cute inside out i like the raw edge seams sticking out!

Mona said...

Just found your blog via pinterest :) thanks for the tutorial, made me think I can actually pull it off to make a pair of these.

Kudzu said...

you make that look easy...thanks for the really great tutrial :) i found you on pinterest today, searching for slipper tutorials-a basket of them would be a great idea!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I have HUGE feet & finding "girl shoes" isn't easy--I can definitely see making some of these with different embellishments & a bit more sturdy sole & have several pairs! :)
YAAAAYY! said...

Oh, you're not going overboard at all! I know a family that has a basket by their door with just the same thing, slippers for guests! It's a wonderful idea!

Anonymous said...

I love your slippers diy. Normally I buy them in a store here in holland, but they don't always have the slippers in stock. Now I can make themself. :-D I'm also going to make a pair for my grandparents, so they don't have to take their one when they come to vistite. And I love your idea for a basket ful of slippers.

Andra Ingebretsen said...

Love these Tess! I still think about the slippers you gave me that I wore all the time and I wore a hole in the toes because I wore them so much. Maybe I can make my own pair! You are so talented.

sybilannkoning said...

I have done slippers like this. I like the simplicity of this Patten. Easy to whip up a few pairs at a time.

One note to add : If you want them to be washable, cut the padding the same size as the sole. If it is smaller and is not stitched down, it will bunch in the wash and it is difficult to straighten out.

Sunshine said...

Really feel like this is missing some steps and instructions on closing the back and making the channel. Tried to make a pair for my kids and that step completely lost me and I ended up wasting my fabric 🥺